Student Benefits

Gaining Experience Through an Internship

Participation in the program gives students a chance to experience a summer internship that can help further their careers after high school. They are given the opportunity to see what happens and participate in the Chicago business community. Students are able to earn money and save for college. In recent years, Chicago’s high school students have been offered internships as runners at the Board of Trade, and general office assistants, among others. The students are able to better make career choices from their work experiences. Working in a professional environment gives the students a sense of what working will be like after college: the challenge, the responsibility, and the feeling of accomplishment from a job well done.

Weekly Seminars

The weekly seminars are an integral part of the program. Students hear about career opportunities through lectures from industry professionals. They get to participate in sessions that help them to better understand the stock market, the judicial system and our government. Students get the opportunity to see what goes on at the institutions that are important to the business industry.

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